Whether you are a small one person home based business or a procurement officer for a chain of 500 shops, we strive to provide you a level of service that has no equal at a price that leaves you wondering how we do it! We do it by cutting out the middle men, working with volumes that leave our competitors jealous, and using some of the most sophisticated software planning and automation that the world has ever seen.

... ... Decades Of Expertise In Manufacturing, Importing, Marketing, Logistics, Planning And Customer Support ...


Australian owned Roo Packaging was founded in 2014 to address the issue of the extreme pricing many small to medium businesses are paying for packaging materials. Being a newer company has allowed a complete fresh approach to the costly logistical challenges and we are happy to report on our success (just look at our pricing!).

While we might be new on paper, our principal founding partners come decades of expertise in manufacturing, importing, marketing, logistics, planning and customer support. Experience is only part of magic, our true secret ingredient is the cultural diversity that exists with our upper managers. With backgrounds of Australian, Korean, Chinese, and American, this has allowed us to capitalise on the best of all worlds approach and has resulted in what we simply refer to as our "philosophy".


Our mission is simple - provide a product and service with a price that creates an unbeatable value for our customers. A few examples are listed below that highlight the advantage of working with us:
  • Stock Reserving
  • Custom Packaging
  • Special Pricing