The conventional packaging manufacturers have normally made their products with non-reusable materials owing to physical safety, durability as well as marketing campaign so as to allure potential customers to buy the products.

As a result, we used to buy consumable products with fancy and expensive non-recyclable packaging materials such as plastic, carbon fibre, glossy paper, etc., and then threw into the waste bin without a hesitation at all times.

However, those packages thrown away stacked up with full of harmful waste, which could take up a few hundreds of years to decompose into our planet.

In these days, many manufacturers, retailers and customers have mostly recognised the importance of environmental consciousness or responsibility to make and use an eco-friendly packaging product, which is meant to an effective and efficient way to reduce environmental pollution.

Since Roo packaging established in 2014, the company has recently introduced latest biocomposite technology, which can create sustainable and environmental-friendly biodegradable cupcake boxes using a material of reinforced cardboard.

The technology allows Roopackaging to develop a harmless packaging product that can be decomposed naturally and safely into our environment in less than three months. And the company reviews and evaluates continuously the quality control of technology for the purpose of further lowering the environmental impact in the near future. In addition, the price is much cheaper than that of a traditional non-renewable product.

Roopackaging provides many different ranges of biodegradable cupcake boxes, from single cupcake box to 24 holes cupcake box with clear window in different shapes and colours (i.e. white, blue and pink) that perfectly display your favourite cupcakes in all directions. These cupcake boxes also add in convenience in reuse or ease of disposal without feeling guilty to the environment.

In brief, we believe that the use of these creative and colourful eco-friendly packaging product is a small foot step to save our earth we live in. So make your decision to take this sustainable packaging to be served for your sweet desserts from this time forward!!